GRMS SES Information

October 20, 2015
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Gordon­Rushville Public Schools,and all staff members at Gordon­Rushville Middle School,are dedicated to providing all students with the educational foundation necessary to succeed in future career, college and life. To ensure your student’s success, we have set high standards that are reflected in what is taught in each of our schools and classrooms.

As a part of a federal law known as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, public schools, through NeSA test scores, are judged against multiple goals established by NCLB. Last year, Gordon­Rushville Middle School was required to meet reading and math goals in multiple subgroups in order to be judged as meeting Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP. If one of these subgroup goals is not met, the school is labeled as not meeting AYP. In 2014­2015, Gordon­Rushville Middle SchooldidnotmeetAYP. ThisisduetoNCLBgoalsbeingat100%forallsubgroups.Gordon­RushvilleMiddleSchool met the AYP criteria in the subgroups, titled ‘all students” and “free and reduced lunch program”. However, for the last six years some of the student subgroups did not meet the goals in the areas of reading and mathematics. As a result, Gordon­Rushville Middle School has been labeled as a school in need of improvement, Year 6. This places the building in restructuring status.

Like many school districts in Nebraska, GRPS did not meet what are called the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals for 2014­2015 as required by NCLB. These reports measure our school district’s performance in terms of the percentage of students who are at or above state­defined academic standard goals in major academic areas. For our schools to meet AYP this year, 100 percent of students – regardless of special needs, English language mastery, or other life­impacting circumstances – must have met proficiency standards. Similarly, 100 percent of Gordon­Rushville Middle School students must have met proficiency standards in order to meet AYP goals for 2014­2015. Because that did not occur, we have been categorized by the NCLB goals as being in restructuring Year 6 of Needs Improvement. This status is given as a result of the following subgroups of students not meeting proficiency standards in Reading and Math:

Reading and Math:Native American/Alaska Native

Because of our Needs Improvement status, and because Gordon­Rushville Middle Schoolis a school that receives federal funds through Title I, the oldest and largest source of federal education funding to assist schools with high rates of poverty, our school is required to continue carrying out a restructuring plan that was developed during the 2014­2015 school year. Our plan, which is detailed below, included two main strategies that Gordon­Rushville Middle Schoolcontinues to implement today. These are (1) the implementation of weekly planning meetings by grade level in which teachers analyze student academic data, and then set goals and monitor results to help improve their instruction in very detailed ways; and (2) implementation of a research­based framework which integrates language development into mainstream, grade­level course content.

Gordon­Rushville School District desires to teach all students the necessary skills to allow them to find success in their chosen fields after school. The district and staff will continue to gather data on student performance with the goal of using the data to better prepare our students for life beyond school and to improve student learning in school. The examination of the data has led the district to adopt a research based reading curriculum, to adopt a new comprehensive math program, selection of a new science program and to adjust staff to better fill the needs of the students this coming year. 

Gordon­Rushville Middle Schoolwill encourage improvement efforts by assisting in the delivery of instruction with rigor and relevance for the students.

The restructuring plan for the Middle School retained previous programs that increased student performance including:

  • ●  Assessment Literacy of Staff

  • ●  Curriculum Alignment in the District

  • ●  Student Goal Setting

  • ●  Corrective Reading, Reading Mastery, and FAME Interventions

  • ●  Extra Intervention time for students on Core Subject Material during the school day

  • ●  Technology­Based Programs for Remediation

  • ●  Title 1 School Wide

    New programs of assistance include:

  • ●  Weekly Student Assistance Team Meetings

  • ●  Classroom Coaching from ESU 13

  • ●  Explicit Direct Instruction “EDI”

  • ●  ACES Program for Student Behavior Management

  • ●  SMI Strengthening Upper Elementary Mathematics Instruction for GRMS Math Teachers

  • ●  9th Period Study Hall

  • ●  AIMSweb Progress Monitoring

  • ●  Summer School for Credit Recovery

  • ●  Migrant and Title VII Tutoring

  • ●  FOCUS Classroom Observations

    Jean Hensley was reassigned in 2014­15 to lead these improvements and ask for your suggestions and input to improve student learning and achievement at Gordon­Rushville Middle School.

    Due to the fact that Gordon­Rushville Public Schoolsare a School Wide Title I school, there are requirements placed on the school for not making adequate yearly progress for two years. Gordon­Rushville Middle Schoolis required to provide Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to eligible students. Attached is a list of SES providers that have been approved by the State Department of Education that could provide tutoring services for your child. Parents and/or students wishing to participate in SES are asked to contact the middle school office at (308) 327­2491 by October 31, 2015, to enroll. Additional applications may be made between January 4­15, 2016. The Gordon­Rushville Middle School will be offering additional tutoring and instruction and students may be requested/required to participate in such additional tutoring.

    Additionally, the district is required to allow students to attend other schools in the district offering the middle school curriculum and to provide or pay transportation costs associated with this attendance. The district has a single middle school for students in grades 6­8 located at Rushville and provides transportation between Gordon and Rushville. The other school that has a middle school curriculum in the district is Merriman. In the event that parents/guardians should determine that they wish for their child to attend Merriman, contact Gordon­Rushville Middle Schoolat (308) 327­2491 for application and further details.

    We thank you for your support and join with you in desiring the best education for all our students. Every student will benefit from parents being involved in many ways. Asking questions, having students read aloud, and setting aside a time and place for homework are only a few of the things that you can do. Your child’s teacher can give you additional strategies to work on at home. Student achievement is a partnership between school and home and a strong partnership has been proven to be effective in helping student achievement. We believe that working in cooperation with you will bring the desired outcome of preparing our students for their growth and future success.


    Gordon­Rushville Public Schools

  • Nebraska’s Approved Supplemental Educational Service (SES) Providers for 2014­2015 can be found at:

  • or Go to>>Pubic Information >>SES Information A paper copy is available upon request at the Middle School Office. 


SES Required Files