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Gordon-Rushville Public Schools First Strategic Plan!

Bridging School and Community

Strategic plans effectively organize schools and their staff as it defines how a school’s success is measured. A combination of good planning and communication will ensure that all stakeholders including parents, teacher, administrators, principals, board members and community are striving for the same goals. It aids your school board with governance decisions, providing a direction for our future. It helps to increase communication while increasing connectedness from teacher to administrator. The best reason for strategic planning comes back to every great school’s number one priority: students!

A Needs Analysis was conducted by the Nebraska Association of School Boards in 2020. At this time the Needs Analysis collected from this data is being crafted by the NASB. When completed, this document will provide the board, administration, and other stakeholders with an overview of at least 4 significant, emergent themes based on the original survey. NSAB will present to the board and administration before initiating the process of building the strategic plan. At the time of this writing, we believe this will be presented at our May Board meeting.



Gordon-Rushville Public Schools Board of Education

Definition of a Smart Board: a smart board is an interactive white board or display. It can be connected to one or more laptops, PCs, tablets, or other electronic devices. They are extremely useful in a classroom because they can engage students, provide interactive opportunities that a traditional white board, black board or flip chart can't, and can also develop students' computer skills along with their English skills. Smart Boards “ViewSonic ViewBoards” are utilized by most classrooms in our district.

Gordon-Rushville Public Schools Board of Education is comprised of six members. We meet the second Monday of each month at the high school. Board members are: Sherry Retzlaff, President, Dave Johnson, Vice President, Treasurer, Kathy Willnerd, Secretary, Candie Johnson and members Zach Kearns and Ross Janssen. Each month we will be sharing important district information and/or board celebrations in our “School Board” articles. We invite you to join us at our monthly school board meeting!