Mission and Vision Statement Input
School districts use a Mission Statement (i.e. Purpose Statement) to describe their founding purpose and major organizational commitments. A Vision Statement (i.e Direction Statement) describes what the school hopes to achieve in the future if it successfully fulfills its organizational purpose or mission.
A school's Mission Statement indicates the priorities and goals of a school community and can have an incredible impact on student achievement. Its Vision Statement deals with future accomplishments or the ultimate goals of the district.
Gordon-Rushville Public Schools' current Mission Statement is "Gordon-Rushville Public Schools is committed to developing well-rounded leaders and lifelong learners. We share a vision of creating a system that enables every student in our diverse community to meet or exceed rigorous standards for academic performance."
The school's current Vision Statement is " At Gordon-Rushville Public Schools we strive to provide a safe environment where every student can be a lifelong, productive, and successful learner."
The purpose of this form is to gather input from stakeholders regarding the district's Mission and Vision Statements. This input will assist with the Strategic Planning process the district has embarked on. Please respond to each question below with your suggestions for changes to the existing statements. Please respond by March 28th, 2022.